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This forum is a space for shared reflection around the key themes of the Georgetown Global Dialogues (April 22-26, 2024). For more on these themes, see "Why the Georgetown Global Dialogues?" by Thomas Banchoff and Pankaj Mishra.

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Blog Posts

April 10, 2024

Towards a Cosmopolitanism of Repair Blog Post

By: Ranjit Hoskote

I am writing these words in the ruins of the world in which I grew up. In that world—even if I idealize it somewhat—we were encouraged to look beyond our horizons; to engage with individuals, groups, and societies in a spirit of lively curiosity that was not anthropological but empathetic. In that world, it was understood that our planet was not meant to be viewed through a monochromatic lens, but to be embraced as a kaleidoscope that would challenge us with surprises and epiphanies.

April 3, 2024

The Specter of Plunder Neoliberalism Blog Post

By: Verónica Gago

The political experiment unfolding in Argentina today has interrelated global and local dimensions. At first glance Javier Milei, the country’s recently elected anarcho-capitalist president, is just one more right-wing politician sprouting like mushrooms out of social discontent around the world; his particular eccentricities are colorful data points in an international pattern. I want to push beyond this perspective. The Milei phenomenon has unique and unsettling characteristics both anchored in local circumstances and relevant to the wider world. His ultra-neoliberal program for Argentina is an example of what I call plunder neoliberalism—a strategic war against social reproduction, a form of counterinsurgency.