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The Fellows

From April 22 through 26, 2024, Georgetown University is hosting six leading intellectuals from the Global South for wide-ranging conversations across a range of critical topics.

Verónica Gago headshot

Verónica Gago

Verónica Gago is a political theorist and activist working on issues of feminism and political economy.

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Feature Story: Towards a New Feminist Internationalism

Essay: The Specter of Plunder Neoliberalism

Mohsin Hamid headshot

Mohsin Hamid

Mohsin Hamid is a novelist and essayist who explores contemporary global and political issues.

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Feature Story: Political Literature as a Global Project

Essay: Cracks in Concrete

Ranjit Hoskote headshot

Ranjit Hoskote

Ranjit Hoskote is a poet and critic who addresses cultural pluralism from the local to the global.

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Feature Story: Cultural Interdependence in a Divided World

Essay: Towards a Cosmopolitanism of Repair

Nesrine Malik headshot

Nesrine Malik

Nesrine Malik is a journalist and critic who explores issues of race, identity, politics, and world affairs.

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Feature Story: Rewriting Dominant Narratives

Essay: Our New, Non-Polar World

Kohei Saito headshot

Kohei Saito

Kohei Saito is a philosopher and activist who sees degrowth as the way out of the global climate crisis.

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Feature Story: Degrowth as a Global Imperative

Essay: Degrowth as the Imperative in the Age of the Polycrisis

Ece Temelkuran headshot

Ece Temelkuran

Ece Temelkuran is a novelist and political thinker who explores challenges to democracy on a global scale.

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Feature Story: Fostering Secular Faith in Democracy

Essay: Against All Odds